Pre Senior High Dilemmas

Being the pioneering batch of the K-12 system, it felt like we were walking into a tunnel of endless mishaps and unfortunate events. The government has slapped our faces with this new curriculum in hopes that we would come to our senses and be the beacon of light for the upcoming generations. That’s a lot of pressure to put for a group of people who don’t even know what to do.

Taken at our “moving up” pictorial.

As Seniors we were supposed to decide on a course that would comply to our chosen careers, but instead we were given tracks; Academic, Arts and Design, Sports, and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood. As if those weren’t enough, the Academic track (the track that I chose)  has been separated into four different strands (You can learn more of it here: )

The problems didn’t stop there, though. The issue of which school should we embark on kept weighing on our shoulders. Should I go forth to a big and radical minded university just like college? or should I go to a local and small scale school just like high school? The problem was that Senior High was stuck in between. We were only taught what were the best colleges to apply to, not what were the best Senior High schools to apply to.




I'm an alumna of St. John's Institute (for JHS), and I just graduated from Senior High school in the University of St. Lasalle. During SHS, I took up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as I aspire to become a doctor someday. Currently, I am a first year Physical Therapy student in Riverside College.

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